Harvard Fox - Last Letter Home

Harvard Fox's last letter home - October 30, 1942

“I could go for some cake, cookies, and candy and the good old Coatesville Record.” So wrote First Class Private Harvard G. Fox while at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. He was killed in action a few days later - November 2, 1942.

“We are pretty active at the present and writing is a luxury,” “The newspapers probably give you an idea of what is happening here, so I won’t go into details about events, except to say we are doing okay. As the Marines say “the situation is well in hand,” as it always will be, so don’t worry about us. I am well and in pink of condition and aim to stay that way. Boy, Ill bet the old home town has changed. It has been about a year since I saw you all. I expect a lot of mail next mail call.”