Vincenti, Amedeo J

Armedeo Joseph Vincenti was born on April 23, 1909 to Armadeo and Adelina Di Giacomo Vincenti who lived in West Grove, Chester County. Amedeo was the third of ten children.  Both of Armedo's parents immigrated from Italy. His father worked as a stone mason. 

Amedeo graduated from Avon Grove High School in 1926. He then attended the Philadelphia Business College and the American School of Laundry at Joliet, Illinois  He married Sarah Louse White of West Grove, on September 23, 1939 in New York City. Sarah was a teacher. In 1940, Arnedeo and Sarah moved to Wilmington, Delaware where Armedeo was a salesman with the Sinclair Oil Refinery.

Amedeo entered service in the Army Air Corps on July 15, 1943. He received basic training at Greenboro, North Carolina. He studied to as an aircraft mechanic at Seymour Johnson Field, NC, and as an aerial gunner at Fort Myers, FL. Amedeo was assigned to a B-25 Mitchell medium bomber at Columbia Army Air Base, in Columbia, SC. He was shipped overseas to the Pacific Theater of Operations in January, 1945. 

Amedeo's squadron (nicknamed "Air Apaches") was based of the Island of Luzon in the Philippines. He was the engineer gunner with the 345th Bombardment Group, of the Fifth Air Force. The 345th were specialists at performing daring, low-level bombing and strafing missions.  
On March 10, 1945, Amedeo's aircraft crashed into the China Sea while returning from a bombing mission. All but one crew ember was lost. The surviving crew member, Sergeant Banding Grier of Wilmington, Delaware, was rescued by a submarine after drifting for 24 days in a life raft. 

Amedeo is remembered on the Tablets of the Missing in Action at the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.

Amedeo's brothers, Fred and Nicholas also served in the Army Air Forces in Italy during the war.

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