Testa, Anthony F

Anthony F. Testa was born in 1912 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Anthony completed one year of high school. At some point, Anthony moved to Chester County where he worked the mushroom industry.

Anthony entered service in the Army on July 22, 1942 where he served with the 871st Airborne Engineer Battalion in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

Private Anthony F. Testa was killed in action on September 20, 1943. 
The Daily Local reports on the letter Anthony's family received after his death:

"...Your brother, Anthony, was working yesterday in the landing field assisting other men from his company put a truck together. Suddenly, without warning three Japanese planes were overhead and the bombs were hurling down. One struck the ground close to where your brother was standing. Fragments struck him in the head and shoulder, and he died immediately."

Anthony is buried at the Manila American Cemetery, in the Philippines.

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