Richle, Paul J

Paul Joseph Richle was born on August 13, 1914  to Joseph and Stella Richle who lived in Philadelphia. Paul was one of five children. His parents immigrated from Poland. His father, Stanley, worked as a riveter on a locomotive. 

Paul and his father moved to Chester to work at a shipyard. At some point Paul moved to Chester County.

Paul entered service in the Army on July 8, 1941. He served with the Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 71st Infantry Regiment, 44th Division. 

Paul married Josephine Wysocki from Wilmington, Delaware on May 11, 1941. 

The following excerpt from Wikepedia details the 44th Division:

The division moved by railroad to Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts, arriving on 24–27 August 1944; departing the United States via the Boston Port of Embarkation on 5 September 1944….

The 44th Infantry Division landed in France via Cherbourg, 15 September 1944, and trained for a month before entering combat, 18 October 1944, when it relieved the 79th Division in the vicinity of Foret de Parroy, east of Lunéville, France, to take part in the Seventh Army drive to secure several passes in the Vosges Mountains. Within 6 days, the division was hit by a heavy German counterattack, 25–26 October. The attack was repulsed and the 44th continued its active defense. On 13 November 1944, it jumped off in an attack northeast, forcing a passage through the Vosges Mountains east of Leintrey to Dossenheim, took Avricourt, 17 November, and pushed on to liberate Strasbourg, along with the 2d French Armored Division. After regrouping, the division returned to the attack, taking Ratzwiller and entering the Ensemble de Bitche in the Maginot Line. On 14 December, regiments of the 44th Division took part in assaulting major Maginot line fortifications

Technician 5th Paul Joseph Richle was killed in action on December 14, 1944, in France. He is buried at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Cemetery in Linwood, Delaware County.

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