Lawrence, Benjamin R

Benjamin Robinson Lawrence Jr. was born on September 30, 1922 to Benjamin and Anna Edith Mawson Lawrence who lived in Philadelphia. Benjamin Jr. was one of eight children.

At some point Benjamin moved to Chester County. 

Benjamin entered the Army on December 3, 1942 and was assigned to the 152nd Infantry Regiment, 38th division. The 38th and 24th divisions were responsible for liberating Bataan. 

The 38th division trained in Hawaii then departed for New Guinea where they received training in jungle warfare. In January, 1945, the 38th made an assault landing in the Philippines with the 152nd Infantry Regiment, securing the beach. As they moved inward, the 152nd Infantry Regiment was involved in operations against the Japanese forces imbedded in the Zig-Zag Pass. It was during this operation, on February 9, 1945 that Ben lost his life.

Benjamin is buried at the Manila American Cemetery in the Philippines.
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