Dowell, Charles D

Charles D. Dowell was born on May 29, 1925 to Charles and Nancy Dowell who then lived in West Virginia. As a farm laborer his father moved the family from state to state. In 1940, the family lived in New London Township, Pennsylvania. Charles was third of seven children.

Charles entered the Army in 1948. At that time, Charles was living with his sister, Hazel, and her husband in Oxford where he was working in the mushroom industry. 
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Charles served with the 65th Engineer Combat Battalion, 25th Infantry “Tropic Lighting” division. His last letter home to his sister in 1950 stated that he was stationed in Japan.

North Korea invaded across the 38th Parallel deep into South Korea in late June, pushing the South Korean and nominal American forces into a small pocket by the harbor of Pusan (the Pusan Perimeter). The 25th Infantry division was one of several that rushed to South Korea to blunt this invasion and keep our forces from being pushed into the sea.The 65th Combat Engineers were responsible for blocking the approaches to the port Pusan. 

Private First Class Charles D. Dowell was Killed In Action on August 2, 1950. He was survived by his wife and four year old son Roger Lee.

Charles was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Charles' brother Ralph also served in the Army during the Korean War.


Research by Don Wambold, WCMSC