Borsch, Walter E

Walter Edward Borsch (Borsewitz) was born on May 25, 1912, in Coatesville. Pennsylvania. Walter went to Scott High School and later married Thelma May.

Walter entered the Army on June 12, 1942. He served in the 83rd Infantry 83rd Division, 83rd Quarter Master Company. After basic training he was shipped overseas to the European Theater of Operations in April, 1943. After intense training, the 83rd landed at Normandy on June 19th to reinforce the beachhead. 
The 83rd fought out of the Brittany peninsula, capturing St. Milo and Danard and proceed to Breast. After aiding the capture of Brittany and encircling the Germans, they fought up the Loire Valley. 

Private Walter Edward Borsch was killed in action in England on July 25, 1944. He is buried at St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Coatesville.


Research by: Don Wambold, member WCMSC
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