Clarke, Edward A

Edward Allen Clarke was born in Coatesville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1948. Prior to beginning his elementary school education his family relocated to nearby Downingtown. Edward was a member of West Chester’s Henderson High School class of 1966.

After completion of school, Edward was employed by the A&P supermarket in Downingtown until being drafted into the Army in April, 1968. At the completion of his 8-week basic training, he was selected to attend advanced individual training in the Artillery Branch at Fort Sill, OK. He graduated as a Cannon Crewmember and was qualified to operate both the 105 millimeter and 155 millimeter Howitzer cannons.
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On November 28, 1968 he reported to his combat assignment in Vietnam with C Battery, 2nd Battalion, 319th Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne division which was operating in Thua Thien Province just south of the demilitarized zone.

About six months into his tour, Ed and his unit found themselves moving from one location to another in support of the Infantry ground units in the area of northern I Corps. On May 8, Battery C moved its six howitzers by air from fire support base Rakkasan to fire support base airborne in support of Operation Apache Snow and received two additional howitzers from Battery B. On May 13, FSB Airborne was attacked with RPGs, satchel charges and small arms fire. Batteries A and B fired in support of FSB Airborne, but Battery C sustained 13 killed in action, 29 wounded in action and four howitzers damaged. Corporal Edward Allen Clarke was among those killed in action while serving as the cannon crew chief for his 105 millimeter Howitzer.

Services and interment were conducted at Grove Methodist Church Cemetery in Grove, Pennsylvania.


Research by James K. Wambold, Jr., Captain, U.S. Army
Vietnam 1967-1968