1. DocumentUNBXZDKJ

    Vietnam Hero Richard A Hawley, Jr.

    "... yet, in giving up his life for his country, he had made the greatest sacrifice a soldier can make, and in that sense had fulfilled all that his country could ever ask of him." Read on...
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    Korean War Hero Robert McLaughlin

    "...he was engaged in hand-to-hand fighting soon after he arrived. He took part in some of the toughest fighting of the war, up until the time he was killed in hand-to-hand combat at Trilri, Korea, on Sept. 12, 1951... Read on...
  3. Document93GM5JSJ

    WW II Hero, Marine Harvard G Fox

    "...He was a brave fellow, there wasn’t I know who had his guts. He was killed in the jungles while attempting to wipe out a Jap automatic rifle. Your son died instantly. He did not suffer…” Read on...
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