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    Robert Huss - Korean War Hero

    ...Robert was in the midst of heavy fighting and was reported missing on November 8, 1950. He was captured and held as Prison of War... Read Robert Huss' Story
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    Emidio Falini - WWII Hero

    ...a Japanese suicide boat snuck in under the cover of darkness, and hit LCI(M)-974. The tremendous detonation caused by the explosives in the suicide boat, combined with mortar ammunition and fuel on the LCI caused the ship to sink in about six minutes. Read Emidio Falini's Story
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    Korean War Hero Robert McLaughlin

    "...he was engaged in hand-to-hand fighting soon after he arrived. He took part in some of the toughest fighting of the war, up until the time he was killed in hand-to-hand combat at Trilri, Korea, on Sept. 12, 1951... Read on...
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    WW II Hero, Marine Harvard G Fox

    "...He was a brave fellow, there wasn’t I know who had his guts. He was killed in the jungles while attempting to wipe out a Jap automatic rifle. Your son died instantly. He did not suffer…” Read on...
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